Mind Tripping Show

The Mind Tripping Show in Indianapolis Offers a Surreal Theatrical Experience

People commonly go to theater shows while traveling, just to get a taste of local culture. The Mind Tripping Show in Indianapolis, Indiana is humorous, but it also has a psychological factor that just may leave you wondering what you truly believe.

The Top Show of Its Kind

You may think of Las Vegas as the best place to see a mind reading show, but Christian and Katalina, the entertaining duo who hosted this production, have performed all over the country and are now considered the number-one team to do a show of this sort. Shows take place at the Hilton Indianapolis, and the ticket cost includes free parking.

A Mixture of Entertainment

The Mind Tripping Show is an excellent choice if you’re traveling in a group, or just with family members who don’t always agree on what’s entertaining. Because your evening will feature a blend of magic, comedy and mind reading, there’s a good chance every person you’re with will come away from the venue feeling like they had a lot of fun.

Stay at the Hotel

If you’d like to make a full night of it, consider staying on-site in the hotel. The lobby even has a special desk that caters to people who will be seeing the show and would like to avail of special room rates. There are also several restaurants in the vicinity, so it’s easy to find somewhere for dinner or drinks before or after the performance.

The next time you’re planning to stay in Indianapolis, make sure you don’t leave without seeing a show that has thrilled audiences of all ages and is a favorite of tourists from around the world.

Historical Torture Museum

The Historical Torture Museum Wants to Educate, Rather Than Just Shock

The world is full of exhibitions that offer insight into how particular parts of the world have tortured people, even if they weren’t necessarily proven criminals. At many of them, the goal is to shock visitors with graphic descriptions and even examples of some of the equipment used.

However, at Italy’s Historical Torture Museum, one purpose is to explain to people that torturous acts still take place today.

A Traveling Exhibition

The museum is in Northern Tuscany, within a quiet, picturesque environment that certainly doesn’t match the kind of exhibits you’ll see inside. However, exhibitions in the museum have also gone to other areas of the world, such as Argentina, throughout Europe, and Tokyo.

Not Intended to Forcefully Change Viewpoints

You may be thinking about making a visit as a person who is sometimes in favor of torture, depending on the situation. If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry another viewpoint will be forced on you. The goal of this attraction is to present the information in a factual way, and then allow visitors to make their own conclusions.

Offering a Stark Reminder

Many people are aware that torture still happens today, but prefer to turn a blind eye to it. The Historical Torture Museum exists to remind people that torture can affect the body, mind, and emotions of people who are subjected to it. Perhaps that reality is a bleak topic to explore when you’re traveling, but it’s something to keep in mind, especially if you’re interested in the protection of human rights.

Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear

Learn About Milwaukee’s Past at Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear

If you’re planning to visit Milwaukee, Wisconsin and want to know more about how the city came to be, the Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear can help. Named for resident Avril Chudnow, the museum features a wide selection of items from the early 20th-century that are specific to Milwaukee history. In addition to attracting many tourists, this destination is popular with elementary school educators who want students to know more about the place in which they live.

Planning Your Visit

Located on North 11th St., the museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday, but open Wednesday through Sunday. On every opening day except Sunday, the museum operates from 10 AM to 4 PM. However, on Sunday, it’s just open from noon to 4 PM. If you’re traveling on a budget, the admission fee will almost certainly fit your needs. The ticket prices are just $5 for adults, $4 for senior citizens and students, and children under the age of six are free.

Some Things You Can See

There are several types of exhibits to view within the museum. One of them features a replica of a turn-of-the-century grocery store modeled after a shop that was actually located in Milwaukee. Be sure to check out the doctor’s clinic and movie theater exhibits, as well.

Go to a Special Event

If you’re looking for something else to do at the museum, it regularly hosts things such as film screenings and lectures about historical topics having to do with Milwaukee.

Depend on the Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear to help you get more acquainted with how Milwaukee used to be in past eras.

The HumidiFlyer

The HumidiFlyer Could Help You Stay Healthier During Air Travel

The dry cabin air on airplanes can cause several problems such as excessive dryness in the eyes and nose, plus fatigue. Some people even believe it contributes to jetlag.

However, those problems could be in the past for you, as long as you’re willing to wear a facemask that looks very much like the oxygen mask that drops down from the ceiling in the event of an aircraft emergency.

The Mask Uses the Natural Moisture in Your Breath

The HumidiFlyer is a comfortable travel mask that straps onto your head, and then catches and recycles the moisture in your breath. Although it’s also important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water as you travel, that step alone can’t directly improve the respiratory problems resulting from breathing dry air for extended periods of time on air travel.

Feedback from Satisfied Customers

You may be feeling a little hesitant about wearing the travel mask for the entire duration of your flights. However, your mind might be changed after reading the reviews of customers who have tried it. Also, keep in mind, some of them opted to only use the mask for part of a flight, yet still got good results.

An Estimated Lifespan of 100 Hours

The HumidiFlyer should last about 100 hours before needing to be replaced. It has a built-in filter, and the mask is designed for personal use, so shouldn’t be shared among family members and friends.

If you’re looking for a practical way to cope with the effects of a dry cabin environment, the Humidiflyer could help.

Manage Expectations On Travels

Strategies to Manage Expectations on Travels

Going on a major journey that’s far away from home is something that many people find extremely exciting. However, that’s not always the case when what a person is expecting is significantly different than what he or she experiences once there.

The suggestions below could help you more realistically know some strategies to manage expectations on travels and adapt once you arrive.

Do Research About Cultural Norms

Although you’ll almost certainly experience some degree of culture shock, you can make it less intense by broadening your understanding of what the way of life is like for people who live in your final destination. That may include finding out about things such as religions, attire, and holidays.

Don’t Expect Constant Stimulation

In many areas of the Western world, people are accustomed to always having access to some form of media to keep themselves entertained. However, the environments may be much more low-key in other places, particularly in developing countries. That may mean you have to learn how to be content even if you’re in a very tranquil place that doesn’t offer things that characteristically entertain you at home.

Embrace the New Things

Many people get very uncomfortable when in situations that are unfamiliar. However, learning how to thrive through new experiences is a major part of being a successful and content traveler. In essence, try to prepare yourself for the tricky task of being comfortable during scenarios that are the exact opposite.

Hopefully, the insight you’ve just read will make it much easier to love the time you spend in a new place, rather than constantly feeling overwhelmed and upset because things aren’t like what you expected they would be.

Vigeland Museum and SculptureGarden

Oslo, Norway’s Vigeland Museum and Sculpture Garden

If you’re planning a trip to Oslo, Norway and trying to figure out some options for things to do, the Vigeland Park and Sculpture Garden are great solutions for people of all ages and interests.

Keep reading to find out a few reasons why these attractions are standouts in the area.

An Interesting Proposal

In 1921, the city of Oslo signed a contract with artist Gustav Vigeland, agreeing to give him a home, studio, and future museum in return for donating nearly all his works to the city. The museum that stands today is the result of that third promise, and it gives visitors a thorough way to explore how this artist built his livelihood.

Many Types of Art on Display

Although you may be expecting to see a focus on a few particular types of art, that’s not really the case at this museum. The permanent collection features items made from carved wood, paintings, photographs, and even artistic works built from wrought iron.

Stroll Through the Sculpture Garden

The museum is a wonderful place to visit regardless of the weather. However, if you’re fortunate enough to be there on a day where it’s appropriate to spend time outdoors, don’t pass up the sculpture garden at Vigeland Park. Open all year, it’s a popular tourist attraction and has more than 200 examples of sculptures made by Gustav Vigeland. That makes it the largest sculpture garden in the world that features work from only a single artist.

Put this attraction on your list of things to do, especially if you appreciate great art from Norway.


Feel Like You’ve Crossed the Border at Mexicantown in Detroit

You’ve probably heard of many American destinations that have their own versions of Chinatown and Little Italy. Detroit, Michigan enjoys that distinction too, because it has a Mexicantown. Most people go there to enjoy authentic and freshly cooked Mexican fare, but there are other things to explore, as well.

Some Debate Over Where it Starts and Ends

The central parts of Mexicantown are found in the main thoroughfares of Vernor and Bagley Streets. However, if you ask a couple of locals exactly where the district starts and finishes, you’re likely to get some mixed responses. Some people claim it starts at the location of the old train station and goes through Livernois, while others say it only goes to Clark Park.

Look for Festive Decorations

If the signs written in Spanish don’t tip you off that you’re in the right place, the bright colors surely will. You may even hear music coming from open doorways to get you in the mood for having a good time.

Head to the Matrix Theater

The Matrix Theater is an excellent place to show your support for actors and actresses who reside in Southwestern Detroit. Established in 1991, the Matrix aims to shed light on current issues, and also offers family-themed performances, such as puppet shows.

Shop for Genuine Mexican Goods

Mexicantown is also a place where you can get your fill of wares that may otherwise be very hard to find outside of Mexico. Shop for skincare items, statues, artwork, and foods, among other things.

If you’re ready to get a taste of a different culture while in Detroit, Mexicantown is a place where you can do that in a fun and educational way.

Rivanna Trail

Get Back to Nature on the Rivanna Trail in Charlottesville, Virginia

Charlottesville, VA is a place that attracts students, families, and individuals alike. In addition to having a major college, the University of Virginia, Charlottesville is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so there are many opportunities for hiking or just enjoying nature. One great place to go if you’re interested in doing either of those things is the Rivanna Trail.

Stroll Along the River

The Rivanna Trail is made up of paths that go all around the city. They range in difficulty from being very easy, to more strenuous. If you’re up for a quiet jaunt rather than a strenuous hike, check out the trailhead that begins at Riverview Park. As the name suggests, it’ll take you on a path that borders the Rivanna River.

Enjoy a Paved Surface

Rugged terrain can make it difficult for people in wheelchairs or parents who have baby strollers to enjoy the outdoors. Fortunately, that problem is solved at Riverview Park. That section of the Rivanna Trail is almost fully paved, and other sections are made from well-packed gravel.

Populated, But Tranquil

One of the perks of going along some sections of the Rivanna Trail is you’ll feel like you’re deep in the wilderness, even if there are actually houses a few hundred feet away. It’s also generally safe to be on the Rivanna Trail alone, because many parts of it are widely used and well-kept.

Make sure to find out more about the Rivanna Trail if you’ll soon be visiting the home of Thomas Jefferson by spending some time in Charlottesville.

TRAP Berlin

TRAP Berlin Lets You Give Your Brain a Workout

Some people just don’t feel very entertained by browsing museum exhibits or even going shopping while traveling. If you’re among that group and will soon be visiting Berlin, Germany, the TRAP Berlin attraction might be a good fit. It requires you to use your brain and solve logic puzzles in a military-like setting, all the while racing against the clock with the company of your teammates.

Disarm a Ticking Time Bomb

Most people are familiar with the premise of the action hero of a feature film being tasked with defusing a bomb. If you decide to book your visit at TRAP Berlin, you’ll be in a similar situation, but fortunately, a fictional one. Perhaps that familiarity aspect is one important reason why this attraction is so popular.

Consistent Popularity

The Berlin location will soon be opening two new game rooms, which seems to indicate this attraction is doing well. Also, there are other branches located in several other places such as Prague and Budapest, with other locations planned for additional cities.

Maximum of Five People Per Team

It costs 50 euro per team to take part in this 50-minute challenge. Credit cards are not accepted, so you’ll need to make sure you have cash on hand to pay at the end of the game. As many as five people can be on one team, so this is a great activity to do if you want to spend the better part of an hour being adventurous alongside other members of a group with which you’re traveling.

Belt Bank

The Belt Bank Will Keep Your Pants in Place and Your Bills Safe

There are many travel security items on the market that are made to store valuables so they’ll be out of the reach and sight of pickpockets. However, some of them are slightly bulky, causing the product to be visible underneath clothing. However in the case of the Belt Bank, it actually looks like a clothing accessory.

How Does it Work?

The front side of the belt has a normal woven design, and the unisex style is great for any occasion or setting. However, the back side of the belt features a zippered compartment that’s just the right width for folded notes. There’s nothing on the front that suggests the item is anything other than a belt, so that’s good news if you’re trying to be inconspicuous.

Made from Durable Materials

The belt is made from soft cotton, and it has a metal buckle, plus leather trim. It fits waist sizes from 25 to 45 inches.

Use It to Carry Large Quantities of Cash Safely

Ideally, you should get into the habit of not carrying around large amounts of cash when traveling. However, there may be some cases where that can’t be avoided, especially if you are in places where it’s hard to get cash via ATM machines.

Fortunately, the Belt Bank could help you feel at ease and escape the prying eyes of thieves, even when you’re carrying a significant amount of cash. Purchase it today to see how easy it is to store your cash safely, and look stylish, too.